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Why Train with Hockey International

Brian - Brett

Brian Ferlin and Brett Strot

Why Hockey International?

If you are a youth hockey player, you don’t have to leave Florida until you are ready – and able to compete – in an upper-level hockey program.   So many players think that ‘exposure’ is the only way to make it.   Well, we know that in reality, until you have the package of physical skills, mental skills and the speed necessary to play in those upper levels, exposure doesn't mean much.   Just think of all the players who live up north - that don’t make it – they have all the exposure in the world.   That’s why our motto is: 

Don’t Just Play – Be a Player! 

We have identified the key attributes you need to become a player – and you can stay in Florida to develop those skills.  We have Pro-NCAA and Olympic players coming to Florida to train with Hockey International, there is a reason…..we do a few things nobody else does. 

These former NCAA players and members of the U.S. Women’s National / Olympic Team provides some insight on how unique our training is and what it means to them, and what it will mean to youth players.  

Video: NHL - NCAA Div-1 and Olympic Players

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